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Tips and Tricks

Donna from PA was nice enough to send me these instructions and illustrations on how to make a word pattern using a mirror image and silicon paper.

Step 1 - Type your project in "word" in the correct size and print.

Step 2 - Scan document in "paint" and choose mirror image and print.

You can use the website instructions:

Step 3 - Tape the document down and top with the silicone (mylar) paper sticky side up.

Step 4 - Place stones or studs glue side up.

Step 5 - Iron on with dry iron as directed.


I was at our local Dollar Store today and thumbing through the childrens' coloring books, wow what fantastic designs you can get and simply just trace them using a fine washable/fadeway marker of your choice - the outlines last long enough to put Hot Fix Crystals and the finished product yields a much better blouse/bag/shorts then you can purchase at retail for lots of green more.
I picked up a coloring book of Frogs, they really are neat and cannot wait to get a couple on my T-shirts to play golf in.


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