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     hot fix swarovski crystals, iron on   


Want a simple and easy way to make your own design?

You can use this silcone paper to make a design on sticky paper, that you can iron on your fabric..Whenever!

Lots of fun!

I wanted to turn this shirt and skirt, into a designer outfit

click to enlarge

So I decided on  one of the flowers

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Then I traced the flower onto regular paper.

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Heres my completed drawing. You could use whatever you wanted. A magazine picture, words, etc.


Tape your design down to your work service. Then get a piece of silicone tape (the appriopriate size) and peal the clear sheet from the white. The clear sheet has a sticky side. You will want to tape the clear down, over your pattern, sticky side up.

Here is the design, with the silicone clear sheet, sticky side up. I can now place the crystals with the flatback glue side up. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I made little tick marks every 1/4 inch. You don't have to do that.

Here all the crystals have been placed on the sticky paper.

you can now remove the tape and pick up your design. When you look through the clear tape from the other side you can see your design. You can also put the white paper back on and save the design for later.l

When you are ready to iron, just remove the white paper and place the design, sticky side down.

All you have to do is use your regular iron to "hotfix" the crystals. Dont use stem and I used a heat setting just under "cottons, linens". You will want to press the crystals down for a few seconds. Once they cool try removing the paper. If the crystals are sticking remove the paper then iron them again for abount 8 seconds.

When you are done, wait for the crystals to cool,. Voila! You are done! I ironed the design from the inside of the skirt also, (just to make sure they were all heated sufficiently)

Here's a closeup of the design

Here's my new outfit!