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Hot Fix Crystal Patterns

Lay the paper pattern on the item you wish to embellish

Use the transfer pen to press on each dot on the pattern. The ink will go through the paper and leave a dot on the fabric

that you can follow to place the hotfixcrystals. (Colors of your choice) Dont worry! the transfer pen ink comes off with water!

Any type of fabric marker that you are comfortable with can be used.

Peace Sign

This looks great done in gold on a white or black shirt




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Autumn Patterns

ghosts, leave, pumpkin, turkey, basket of apples,


Spring Things

butterflies, dragonfly, swirlys and flowers

here are a few: 6 patterns in all



Christmas Patterns

Bell, ornament, santa, snowman, Angel and an "HO HO HO"Here are a few:. 6 patterns in all


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