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     hot fix swarovski crystals, iron on   

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I am in no way a professional jewelry designer.

I know that I love Swarovski Hotfix crystals, so when I saw the beads on another womans wrist and saw how the sparkled! I had to carry them. They sparkle just like the hotfix. Maybe even more, because your wrist is always moving!!

Here's a very simple method:

I found some elastic string in Joanns, (in the jewelry making section) that I just strung the beads on, then made a knot.( get the thinnest elastic string you can find)

Then I wanted to do a bit more, and I found the method below. Its called "Weaving beads".

Lots of fun with dramatic resuts!!!

Quick and easy too!!!

 I started with a pillow. I stuck a regular straight pin through a gold ring. ( These are available at most arts and crafts store. I found mine in Joanns). The pin will help hold your work in place


For this bracelet I used size .015 inch gold colored beading wire. You can use any beadding wire. ( Make sure it looks thin!)


I used a 24inch piece of wire. Fold it in half and string it through the ring. Then wrap  wire through the ring two or three times, like this:

You now have two tails hanging from the ring


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 Take each tail and string one Swarovski bead onto each tail.

Then push the beads upward.


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After placing one Swarovski bead onto each tail, I added a round gold plated bead onto one of the strings. ( guess where I found the round gold bead?, I'll give you a hint, it starts with "J"!!) It doesn't  matter which tail.

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You will then take the opposite tail and string it through the same round gold plated bead. But you will string the second tail from the oppositedirection.

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Pull on both tail to tighten your "weave"

Continue in any color pattern you desire.

I used clear, round gold, violet, round gold, then rose, round gold.

When you have reached your desired size you can attach a clasp according to the clasp directions. ( also at Joanns)

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 Imagine what would happen if you used a bugle bead ( a long bead) instead of a round bead????


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