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Empty Carousel Compact

High impact white plastic with clear cover, 12 compartments. 3" width

crystal or bead storage

1 piece for $1.00

"Hot Dot Crystals"

This book contains 26 different projects with full instructions and pictures!

crystal or bead storage

only $1.00!

Wire Applicator Brush-

Keep your BeJeweler tips clean. Use this sturdy copper wire bristle brush to remove excess glue and keep tips clean. Can be used with cool or heated tool.

Now $1.00

Silicone Paper (mylar paper)

Have lots of fun making your designs, or copying a design from your shirt to your skirt (like I did) Check it out!, or a monogram, or word. Use a very light iron with this paper as it is very sticky. Let it cool before removing

mylar paper

Make your own designs!

9 1/2 inches high one YARD (36 inches) long was $4.50

NOW only $2.50

Water Soluble Marking Pen.

Use pen to place on each dot in the pattern above. The ink will go through the paper and unto the fabric. Follow the guide for placing the rhinestones.

See a quick "how to here.


Sparkle Gold Fabric draw string gift bags. Measures 4 by 3 inches. A special place for that special gift or trinket.

gold gift bag


Large bag! 500 gross 3mm Citrine hotfix rhinestones

Citrine hot fix rhinestones
click to enlarge

500 gross only $35.00

Large bag! 500 gross 3mm Light Amethyst hotfix rhinestones!!

Citrine hot fix rhinestones
click to enlarge

500 gross only $35.00

Large bag! 200 gross 4mm Rose hotfix rhinestones!!

rose hot fix rhinestones
click to enlarge

200 gross only $35.00

Large bag! 500 gross 3mm Sun hotfix rhinestones!!

sun hot fix rhinestones
click to enlarge

500 gross only $35.00

Crystal AB Pear 8x4.8 non-Hotfix Crystals

Swarovski Crystal hot fix pear

72 pcs (1/2 gross) $14.85 5 left

Fiber optic Glowbies!

 Glowbys are reusable fiber optic lights that clip into your hair with a simple bow barrette.. The barrette also holds 2 small flat batteries, cr122, easily found. Pull clip out of the clip-holder,turns glowbys on/off by snapping  the clip shut/open. When not using glowbys, store the clip in the convenient clip holder





Sea Green




Luminous Green


 20ss (5mm) 1 gross (144 pcs) for $12.99 11 left

Crystal Astral Pink Swarovski Hot fix crystals


10ss (3mm) 1 gross (144 pcs) for $4.80 5 left

Pacific Opal Hot Fix Swarovski Crystals


click to enlarge

16ss (4mm) 1 gross(144 pcs) for $7.35 4 left

20ss (5mm) 1 gross (144 pcs) for $10.39 4 left

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